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And physician engagement with the whole community has never been more important. In her engaging and informative style, Leigh will explore strategies and tactics for engaging physicians in a meaningful way in a broad spectrum of change initiatives. Using proven techniques to create alignment with physicians, Leigh will deliver practical approaches for effectively:. Skip to main content. San Francisco, CA.

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May , May 15, Suboptimal adherence to HIV prevention and treatment can have dire consequences, including the spread of infection, emergence of resistance, and treatment failure. Tune in to this CE-accredited webinar to hear expert viewpoints, strategies, and clinical pearls that can help your team fine-tune your approach to HIV adherence and retention in care.

The panelists will discuss interprofessional approaches for optimizing adherence, including clinic, technology, and social support interventions, and practical tips for integrating these in your daily practice. While immunotherapy has revolutionized care for metastatic urothelial cancer, it doesn't work for everyone.

Patients who progress with or fail immunotherapy will need subsequent therapy, and there is limited data to guide treatment selection. New data from late-stage clinical trials introduce emerging targeted agents with great promise in improving outcomes for these patients.

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Don't miss this interactive webinar where experts in bladder cancer and managed care will discuss:. Are you and your team making strides against the hepatitis C virus HCV epidemic in your region? Join this accredited webinar to learn from experts in HCV and substance use disorders SUD as they dive into the lessons learned from a real-world national initiative focused on improving HCV screening, linkage to care, treatment, and retention in SUD clinics.

You'll hear:. Join Dr John Russell as he and his colleagues tackle pressing questions in atopic dermatitis AD care, offering their insightful perspectives to help you improve outcomes for your patients with AD. Learn about:. This discussion-based workshop, planned in conjunction with the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology AAAAI and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy AMCP and co-led by an asthma specialist and a managed care expert, offers real-world, practical insights, including how to improve communication and leverage available resources to optimize outcomes for patients with this disease.

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This is a unique opportunity for providers and payers to come together and discuss research, new therapies, and coordinated approaches to achieving optimal asthma treatment outcomes. Attendees will explore:. As the number of treatment resources available for multiple sclerosis MS continues to grow, how can neurologists sort through the evidence to make optimal treatment decisions?

Join your colleagues at this interactive live seminar to examine:.

Discussions will highlight practical applications of recent developments for personalizing care for patients with relapsing and progressive MS. Primary care providers are on the front lines in atopic dermatitis AD care, playing critical roles in initial, ongoing, and long-term management of pediatric and adult patients with this condition. As the AD treatment landscape rapidly changes, are primary care teams ready to adapt to and support cutting-edge breakthroughs? To bridge the gap between the latest science and its clinical applications, this interactive program features real-world cases to guide the audience as they navigate the evidence to problem-solve clinical challenges faced in assessing, treating, and monitoring AD.

Expert faculty will highlight practical and evidence-based strategies to improve collaboration with specialists and support patient access and adherence to needed therapies.

Top 3 Reasons to Attend. Join your colleagues for this popular, hands-on live seminar developed for providers who treat or manage patients with asthma, influenza, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis IPF in federal, public, and government settings.

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Faculty and attendees will explore real-world cases and work to resolve fundamental issues faced in daily practice. Attend this popular, hands-on program for providers who treat or manage patients with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, atopic dermatitis, and rheumatoid arthritis in federal, public, and government settings. Through case-based problem-solving , faculty and attendees will work to resolve key issues faced in daily practice, such as identification, treatment and management of difficult-to-treat patients.

The focus will be on the application of the latest clinical advances and guidelines to support attendees in gaining knowledge and skills for personalized therapy decision-making and interprofessional patient-centered care.

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New this year! A co-presentation on psoriatic diseases by leading dermatology and rheumatology experts offers dual perspectives on best practices for the collaborative management of these conditions. Participating clinicians can earn 6. Join your colleagues for this interactive live seminar, where renowned experts address key challenges in utilizing targeted and immuno- therapies to manage patients with solid tumors and hematologic malignancies in the federal, public, and government healthcare settings.

Real-world patient cases will guide discussions on applying precision oncology medicine, including updated guideline recommendations, latest evidence on targeted and immuno- therapies, appropriate patient selection, biomarker-driven decision-making, and interprofessional approaches for providing patient-centered, culturally-appropriate care for cancer patients in the federal and public health settings.

Join your colleagues and renowned expert faculty for live, round-table discussions designed to help your team apply the latest evidence and overcome the multifaceted challenges of managing patients with hepatitis C HCV , hepatitis B HBV , and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis NASH in federal, public, and government healthcare settings.

The experts will apply a case-based approach to address your specific clinical questions and present interprofessional strategies for optimizing testing, diagnosis, fibrosis staging, therapy selection, monitoring, and care coordination. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to evaluate new evidence, problem-solve case scenarios, and ask the experts your most pressing questions on liver diseases.

Top Reasons to Attend:. RotoSwype enables one-handed text-input without encumbering the hand with a device, a desirable quality in many scenarios, including virtual or augmented reality. The method is evaluated using two arm positions: with the hand raised up with the palm parallel to the ground; and with the hand resting at the side with the palm facing the body.

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BeamBand is a wrist-worn system that uses ultrasonic beamforming for hand gesture sensing. Using an array of small transducers, arranged on the wrist, we can ensem-ble acoustic wavefronts to project acoustic energy at spec-ified angles and focal lengths. This allows us to interro-gate the surface geometry of the hand with inaudible sound in a raster-scan-like manner, from multiple view-points. We use the resulting, characteristic reflections to recognize hand pose at 8 FPS.

In our user study, we found that BeamBand supports a six-class hand gesture set at Even across sessions, when the sensor is removed and reworn later, accuracy remains high: We describe our software and hardware, and future ave-nues for integration into devices such as smartwatches and VR controllers. People with visual impairments often have to rely on the assistance of sighted guides in airports, which prevents them from having an independent travel experience.

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In order to learn about their perspectives on current airport accessibility, we conducted two focus groups that discussed their needs and experiences in-depth, as well as the potential role of assistive technologies. We found that independent navigation is a main challenge and severely impacts their overall experience.

As a result, we equipped an airport with a Bluetooth Low Energy BLE beacon-based navigation system and performed a real-world study where users navigated routes relevant for their travel experience. We found that despite the challenging environment participants were able to complete their itinerary independently, presenting none to few navigation errors and reasonable timings. This study presents the first systematic evaluation posing BLE technology as a strong approach to increase the independence of visually impaired people in airports.

Online deliberation offers a way for citizens to collectively discuss an issue and provide input for policymakers. The overall experience of online deliberation can be affected by multiple factors. We decided to investigate the effects of moderation and opinion heterogeneity on the perceived deliberation experience, by running the first online deliberation experiment in Singapore. Our study took place in three months with three phases. In phase 1, our 2, participants answered a survey, that we used to create groups of different opinion heterogeneity.

During the second phase, participants discussed about the population issue on the online platform we developed. We gathered data on their online deliberation experience during phase 3. We found out that higher levels of moderation negatively impact the experience of deliberation on perceived procedural fairness, validity claim and policy legitimacy; and that high opinion heterogeneity is important in order to get a fair assessment of the deliberation experience.

Recent years have seen interest in device tracking and localization using acoustic signals. Further, tracking multiple concurrent acoustic transmissions from VR devices today requires sacrificing accuracy or frame rate. We present MilliSonic, a novel system that pushes the limits of acoustic based motion tracking.

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Our core contribution is a novel localization algorithm that can provably achieve sub-millimeter 1D tracking accuracy in the presence of multipath, while using only a single beacon with a small 4-microphone array. Further, MilliSonic enables concurrent tracking of up to four smartphones without reducing frame rate or accuracy.

Mastering Physician Engagement A Practical Guide to Achieving Shared Outcomes HIMSS Book Series

Our evaluation shows that MilliSonic achieves 0. MilliSonic enables two previously infeasible interaction applications: a 3D tracking of VR headsets using the smartphone as a beacon and b fine-grained 3D tracking for the Google Cardboard VR system using a small microphone array. Microtasks enable people with limited time and context to contribute to a larger task. In this paper we explore casual microtasking, where microtasks are embedded into other primary activities so that they are available to be completed when convenient.

Participants were most likely to complete the writing microtasks during periods of the day associated with low focus, and would occasionally use them as a springboard to open the original document in Word. These findings suggest casual microtasking can help people leverage spare micromoments to achieve meaningful micro-goals, and even encourage them to return to work. While there is widespread recognition of the need to provide people with vision impairments PVI equitable access to cultural institutions such as art galleries, this is not easy.

We present the results of a collaboration with a regional art gallery who wished to open their collection to PVIs in the local community. We describe a novel model that provides three different ways of accessing the gallery, depending upon visual acuity and mobility: virtual tours, self-guided tours and guided tours. As far as possible the model supports autonomous exploration by PVIs. It was informed by a value sensitive design exploration of the values and value conflicts of the primary stakeholders. Existing co-design methods support verbal children on the autism spectrum in the design process, while their minimally-verbal peers are overlooked.

These emphasise the rich detail that can be conveyed in the moment, through recognising occurrences of, for example, Joint Attention, Turn Taking and Imitation. We worked in an autism-specific primary school over 20 weeks with ten children, aged 5 to 8.