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Abstract Background Mechanical ventilation plays an important role in the pathogenesis of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Conclusions Our data demonstrate that lung interstitial cells may play a significant role in the inflammatory cascade triggered by mechanical stretch. Citing Literature. Volume 46 , Issue 7 July Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password.

Cytokines (HD)

New Password. This observation is consistent with other studies which sug- gest a suboptimal benefit of ACS in twin pregnancy. This may be due to a shorter half-life and enhanced clearance of ACS in twin compared to singleton pregnancies. We neonatal and childhood morbidities. Growing evidence suggests that tested this hypothesis with cervical fibroblasts in 2D and 3D culture. However, limitations with assessing cervical tissue during non-pregnant women using an explant system. For 2D experiments, pregnancy has prevented a understanding of molecular changes that cells were cultured in 6-well plates with collagen-coated, flexible bot- occur in the cervix during pregnancy.

NP women without an active STD and not and 15s release for 48 hr. Women with sin- cylindrical scaffold and cultured using a previously described tissue gleton pregnancies and a prior term delivery were enrolled at one of engineering protocol. A cervical sample was obtained by swabbing the ecto- apply mechanical stimulation to cervical-like tissue.

The scaffold with and endocervical areas with a cytobrush. RNA was extracted. Mi- cervical-like tissue was subjected to cyclic uniaxial compression to croarrays and standard bioinformatic analyses were performed. The appearance of cervical-like tissue was similar to native development, and regulation of extracellular matrix during preg- tissue at both the gross and microscopic level.

Significantly higher nancy compared to NP.

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Mechanical Stretch and Cytokines

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