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Book one not as much; in fact, book one had me rolling my eyes at the obvious "gateway drug" promotion that it tried to shove at the readers. A little pot and beer do not a junkie make, no matter how hard the author tried to make Nova into a downward spiraling, wayward teen. Book two was such a far cry from that, however, in that the entire book was all about Quinton's intense, dramatic, shocking addiction. We're talking shooting up heroine and smoking crystal meth here. The book was depressing as hell and just felt soo Why a kissing couple on the cover?

Nova was trying to save Quinton, sure. But where is the romance here? They guy has track marks up his arms and is whoring himself out. Forget the romance, just go for getting clean. So this book, the final book about Nova and Quinton, I believe, Quinton is recovering.

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Tristan and Nova are roommates and live halfway across the country from Quinton, who has left rehab and is living in Seattle with his father. The entire book is about Quinton trying to deal with real life again, learning to let go of the past and forgive himself not only for causing the accident that killed his girlfriend and cousin, but also for the pain he's caused since the accident.

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Namely toward Nova, and some toward his father. Being someone who has dealt very closely with addiction The physical effects are only a part of what an addict has to learn to deal with. Guilt plays a major psychological role in their recovery, as does the daily grind and learning to handle life again.

This part was very well done, I thought. So I do appreciate the effort and the intensity of this story.

Nova and Quinton

However, I think that had I known that this series was not a romance but a very dark, heavy, depressing tale of a group of young people dealing with drug addiction, suicide, death, and survivor's guilt I'd likely have never started it. I can't say that I enjoyed it, because it's not what I would have chosen to read. I think it's very audience specific and fits a certain niche of readers. It hurt my heart, for sure, and brought back memories and feelings that I don't want to relive again. There is very little happy here. But it's well done.

So there you go. That was oddly left up in the air, completely unanswered question marks flying around.

View all 19 comments. Jan 31, Jennifer Kyle rated it liked it. Unfortunately, this last book just didn't do it for me. Also, I must point out where is his guilt over the death of Ryder his actual family member? The constant Lexi thoughts, the struggle to take her picture down, made me crazy… I'm not totally heartless, I did understand his guilt and the difficulty of releasing it.

Nova and Quinton: No Regrets (Nova, book 3) by Jessica Sorensen

I just got so sick of hearing about Lexi. These two have come a long way. Sadly, I have to say this final installment for Nova and Quinton fell flat for me. I hope the author writes just one more about these two and I get what I was searching for when I started this series.

Book Review: Quinton and Nova: No Regrets by Jessica Sorensen

View all 38 comments. Feb 16, Yael rated it really liked it Shelves: broken-heroes , i-own-ebook , broken-heroines , oh-so-many-feels. It started a little slow, and its Jessica Sorensen, so my expectations are always very high. But, given what this story is about, it understandable that it had to be portrayed this way. Hello there Quinton, First of all my heart went to Quinton, I felt his struggles and feelings as if they were my own.

Jessica's flawless writing always manages to stir emotions I didn't even know existed. Some parts were very hard to read because they made me realize just how lucky I am.

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This stuff is real, addic It started a little slow, and its Jessica Sorensen, so my expectations are always very high. I was waiting so badly for that moment when Quinton finally realizes that life is worth living, that I almost missed it.

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Also, we get a better insight in Nova's head. I got the answers I was desperately seeking since reading the first book. People aren't flawless, we have tons of layers of imperfections and love is so much more than lust and desire. As always, it was a very refreshing read.

So, overall, it was nice finale. When I finished the book I got the feeling that it wasn't over. Please , I need more of this story. View 2 comments.

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Feb 09, Nancy rated it liked it. God, I need this series to end on a happier note. Now that I've read it, I am very happy it did. Lots of angst, but also some joy as well. Quote Spotlight These characters go through so much grief it made me heartsick. I loved every angsty moment of it! This book just took a different direction than the one I anticipated. Quinton had been drowning his mind in drugs since the accident and just coming out of rehab was no time to commit to a serious relationship. I understood that, so I was happy with what this book gave us, it was just unexpected.

They are struggling to cope with everyday life, but slowly, painfully and with the help of their family and friendships, they are getting there. Quinton has just come out of rehab and has to learn to live again. He has to face the hardships of life without a drug induced buffer to numb him. He has to deal with the loss and guilt of losing the girl he loved years ago in a horrific accident which he completely blames himself for. Nova has her good days and her bad days. Things are good for a while, but she, out of everyone, knows nothing good lasts forever.

Tristan is living with her and though he seems to be doing better and keeping himself clean, she knows its a slippery slope. The Wrap Up: It was good to see everyone again. It was hard for them.

Every day was a struggle but as time passes, they heal a little more with each passing day and the pain, loss and guilt become a little less. This series will stay with me for a long time to come. Jul 19, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: emotional , contemporary-romance , new-adult , made-me-cry. A part of me wanted to read this book as soon possible and another part of me was a bit apprehensive since Saving Quinton left me emotionally drained and wrecked.

If you have ever read a Jessica Sorensen book then you know this author has a gifted talent of making her readers FEEL. Feel every range of emotions from heartbreak, anger, loss, regret, guilt, and love. So when I finally decided to continue on [image error] Nova and Quinton: No Regrets has been sitting in my kindle for quite some time. So when I finally decided to continue on the Nova and Quinton saga, I had to prepare myself on the emotional journey that Ms.

Sorensen will take me on.